Launch Academy

Supporting your next product or service launch, the Launch Academy makes the processes and skills needed for a great product launch available to all.

8 WEEK / 8 MOdule Course

Product Launch

Ready to ensure that your next product or service launch is a fanfare rather than a whisper? I’ve distilled years of experience supporting brands as they launch their products into this 8 week / 8 module, video-on-demand course that can be applied to any business.

Together, we’ll map out bespoke planning, targeting your customers, choosing the most appropriate marketing, managing the launch and establishing post-launch activities to maintain interest in your business.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be ready to plan and deliver the launch your new product or service truly deserves.


Launch Academy Tim Healey

Launch bundle

S4TM Launch Bundle

All my launch products in one great value package. The Shoot 4 The Moon bundle includes the workbooks:  3-2-1- Lift Off, Emotional Language, Customer Avatars and my XL spreadsheet multi-tab All-You-Need Launch Planner.



3-2-1 Lift Off

Before you launch your new product or service, you’ll need to get crystal clear on all the details behind your mission. 

This workbook poses a series of questions, which once answered provide the backbone for any product launch campaign. Use the results as your own route map, as a brief to your suppliers or even when reporting to your leadership team or CEO.



Emotional Language

Run the exercise in this workbook – as an individual or with your team – and define the language that will help you better connect with your target customers.

The results will ensure your marketing copy lands well, identifying the features of your products and the benefits they will bring.


AVATAR Workbook

Customer Avatars

Get clear on who you plan to sell to. 

By fully mapping out who your customers are, what they need, what you can do for them and why they might not buy from you, you’ll be able to tailor your marketing mission to perfection. 



All-You-Need Launch Planner

So much information, so little time. If only you could pull it altogether in one intuitive and easy-to-use spreadsheet. Now you can keep a lion’s share of your launch marketing information in one place – the Launch Planner.

Plan and manage your choice of launch marketing initiatives, your chosen partner suppliers, your budget and your project delivery in this powerful interlinked 4 tab spreadsheet. 

Includes MoSCoW initiative selector, budget manager and Gant-style production timeline manager.


Tim Healey Launch Planner Shoot 4 The Moon Ltd