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Optimise your product launch in 2 hours

From a one-off launch plan audit to monthly sessions, together we’ll make sure your product launch has the impact it needs.
From £415 + VAT
2hr Launch Audit - Silver Service - Shoot 4 The Moon Ltd

This service is for you if…

You would like a second opinion on your launch plan

As a one-off 2 hour session, you can have your launch plan audited by your own outsourced non-executive launch expert, offering objective, external, apolitical board-level advice.

Your launch would benefit from expert support

Together we’ll identify what you are getting right, and where the potential holes are in your launch agenda and use my self-taught, award-winning, serial entrepreneur skillset to ensure your launch mission is optimised.

You are time-poor and want monthly check-ins with a Marketing Director

A 2 hour session each month with a catalyst for change, someone with ambition, clarity, creativity, drive and stamina will keep your plans on track as they progress.

What’s included in the process?

Launch Plan Audit

We review your product launch plans in detail, and consider the potential impact of your launch initiatives. We then discuss what can be improved.

An omni-channel marketing review

We explore the different channels and options for the promotion of your product, and your company’s positioning.

On going support and advice

For the duration of your launch project, we meet monthly to ensure your success and trouble-shoot any snags that may appear.

Let's get started

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In 2 hours we can really make sense of how thorough your launch plans are and check in with your budget, resource and timeline.

Absolutely, provided I have the capacity I would be delighted to meet you between once and twice a month to get you the support you need for your launch.

Sessions either once or twice a month for between 4 and 6 months are recommended. This will allow us get tangible results.

Before you commit, I recommend that we have a Zoom chat to establish your goals, your challenges, your immediate needs and your budget. Then we can make a plan to suit.

After a quick non-committal chat on Zoom, I will be able to advise you on which service would be better for you. 

Yes, provided I have capacity at the time.

Absolutely, these will be made available to you in your client area.

Absolutely. If you end the 2 hour session and feel you have gained nothing from it, I shall refund your money, no questions asked.

Audit Your Product Launch Plans Shoot 4 The Moon Ltd Tim Healey


Let's audit your launch plan

If you’d like a second opinion on how you plan to launch your product, this 2 hour session is for you. We’ll go through your plan, identify any holes and consider how to optimise.

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