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Marketing success with Platinum support

For the super-time-poor CMO, this embedded service will ensure that your business is market-orientated and that you and your team have the research, strategy and tactics in place to deliver optimised marketing with tangible, measurable results.

Starting from £12,500 + VAT
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This service is for you if…

You want a globally experienced director to collaborate with you and your team

You would rather avoid hiring a full-time Marketing Director, but your team could do with board-level knowledge and expertise matched by award-winning creative.

Want an outsourced Marketing director on demand

Collaborating closely with you over a 4-6 month period, we will review your marketing and arm you and your team with the research, strategy and tactics to make the most informed choices and get the results you need.

You need a seasoned expert working deep within your team

There's 'heavy-lifting' to be done and you understand the value that a Marketing Director with a proven track record of success will add to your project and how this will free-up your time to take a more 'helicopter view'.

What’s included in the process?

1. Market Orientation

Too often businesses are orientated towards products, sales or advertising. We’ll consider how to ensure your business is truly market orientated.

2. Market Research

The foundation of all great marketing is research. We’ll collect and explore, creating a perfect blend of relevant qualitative and quantitative data to inform our next moves.

3. Segmentation

Armed with our customer information, using a variety of techniques, we shall slice the market, and identify the segments where we can have the most impact.

4. Targeting

We will make a call on who we need to target and who we will not be targeting. We will balance your business’ needs for highly targeted and mass marketing.

5. Positioning

We will get clear on how to best articulate what your business or brand stands for in the market, so that there is a clear point of differentiation between you and your competitors.

6. Objectives

We explore your sales funnel and establish which areas need the most attention. We get clear on precise, measurable, deliverable objectives.

7. Product

We review your product(s) and troubleshoot any snags that may hinder us either bringing it/them to market and remove any blockers that may inhibit stellar sales.

8. Price

We consider price, and using a variety of techniques, explore the best price for your products, being conscious of the cumulative negative effect of endless sales promotions.

9. Integrated Market Communications

We conduct a balanced review of all available communications channels, being careful to remain media-neutral, and reflect on how our marketing strategy will affect our choices.

10. Distribution

We explore how your marketing is integral to your distribution, and how our chosen strategy may affect the best ways to connect your product with your customers.

Let's get started

Frequently Asked Questions

Platinum gets you twice the amount of support time from me compared to Gold. We can discuss how this works when we meet to learn more about your business, your goals, your product and your challenges.

At this level of engagement, I recommend a maximum of 6 months. If more support is required after that point, I would recommend switching down to Gold.

Absolutely. This is part of my service, especially if you do not have someone in a senior marketing role already within your team.

I ensure a full hand-over of all data, marketing initiative plans and supplier contact details are passed to you and your team.

Introduce me to your CMO, Marketing Director, Head of Marketing or Marketing team leader, and I will take it from there. Directing and empowering teams, sharing my knowledge on best practice is one of my specialities.

Of course. Email me and I will see who is available to chat to you. I pride myself in having excellent relationships with clients past and present.

We’ll make sure you have your marketing and business strategy in place so that you have a clear route map of subsequent activities. Clients often ask me to stay on in an advisory role, which we can discuss when the time comes.

Head over to the Academy section of my website where I offer support products and a new 8 week course in Product Launch Mastery.

Tim Healey Launch Academy


Let's audit your launch plan

If you’d like a second opinion on how you plan to launch your next product, this 2 hour session is for you. We’ll go through your plan, identify any holes and consider how to optimise.

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