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Your results are in. Congratulations, you’re a Launch Leader

You’re ready to “upskill” and optimise your launch.

Tim Healey Launch Academy

What does it mean to be a Launch Leader?

Product launch is my specialism – so going by your answers, I believe that you recognise that there is load more to a successful product launch than simply picking a date.  

You understand that refining your product launch process is the key to getting better product awareness and sales, and that this will unlock the door to more business success.

The first step towards this is exploring processes and techniques that will enable you to deliver a great launch. And that is why you are here. Well done.

You understand the need for a clear plan, customer targeting and creative communications to deliver on your mission around your new product.

Your Launch Strengths

Business Vision

You have an inkling of how the future could be with a great product launch, and you are going for it. You have business experience, or you have done a tonne of research and sought great advice. You understand that to turbo-boost your next product launch you need to dot ‘i’s and cross ‘t’s and refine the process.

Project Management

You know there are many moving parts to a successful launch, and they all need to managed and kept in check. You are ready to “upskill” so that this time, when you launch this product, you hav joined all the dots to the best of you (and your team’s) abilities so that the results are exponential business growth.

A desire to learn

You’ve done courses to improve your understanding and techniques before. Courses where you had an idea how things worked, but the course brought everything together like perfectly fitting jigsaw pieces, and you never looked back. You’re ready to refine your launch technique.

BUT (there’s always a but, isn’t there?)

You are not sure where to start.

You definitely do not feel quite launch ready (yet!)

You could do with a review or an audit of your existing launch plans.

You want to build on your existing experience, and with everything else you have on your plate, some fast-tracked clear guidance would really help.

You’re feeling confused by the sheer volume of considerations – and could do with a confidence boost and advice: how do you get it all right?

You want to feel much more in control of your launch process – less of a runaway train and more of a NASA-style precision rocket launch.

You are in the right place. 

Ready to get your launch firing on all cylinders?

You’ll probably already know that a great launch boils down to the following 5 pillars:

1. Strategic Goals

Getting clear on your mission and strategic goals.

2. Communication Clarity

Define your message, audience and what you are selling.

3. Marketing

Review potential marketing channels and focus on the most relevant, based on potential, time, budget and resources.

4. Timeline & planning

Layout clear timeline for launch delivery & map out resources and supplier requirements.

5. Post-launch communications

Make sure you are set up to continue marketing once launched.

The 5 pillars are my tried, tested and proven signature launch methodology, and I’ve got advice and workbooks to help you navigate each one.

Check out your Launch Leader Action Plan

Embedded Support for your Business Shoot 4 The Moon Ltd

1. Clarity

To make the best product launch you’ll need complete clarity on your goals and aspirations around the launch. Why are you launching now? What will happen if you don’t? As you run this exercise, make sure you have 'buy in' from all the stakeholders in your team.

2. You know the drill

Next up is being crystal clear about who you are targeting with your launch marketing. Create customer profiles. Work out the best way to connect with them using language that tugs on their emotions: how much easier will you make their lives? What stresses will you remove?

3. Marketing Channels

Decide on your marketing channels and plan your timeline to launch day. You already know that not every marketing channel or initiative is for you. Be selective, do your research and work out how to create your own brand or product advocates. Create a community around your product or services. Ensure that your industry positioning is telling anyone who is interested that you are an expert; that you’re professional and that anyone who uses your product is delighted with the results.

Wondering who is behind this strategic launch action plan?

I'm Tim

My portfolio career has taken me from being a musician for 20 years to advertising via the entertainment industry, digital think tanks, new business, hospitality, music technology, festival promotion and the sustainable sector.

In my role as a Creative Director I’ve worked closely with Google Creative Labs and digital think tanks for YouTube on a number of award winning projects. 

I quickly learned that my specialism is launch marketing: understanding business goals and making them a reality. I use a combination of established processes and creative solutions to support entrepreneurs like you, CEOs and MDs on launch strategy, planning, supplier selection and management as well as on going support and implementation.

My ‘happy place’ is getting under the skin of my clients’ business, sharing their goals and challenges and then through a creative lens, helping them to implement the necessary changes that will propel their product launch forward

Your quick fire launch checklist

(4 things to check off your list for a goal smashing launch)

Acquire the knowledge and advice that you need to build a launch plan that methodically goes through the whole launch process - from a kick off workshop where you map out goals to better understanding how you will communicate with your customers and a timeline planner to your launch.

Get the objective support that you need to review all your available marketing channels and assemble a plan that chooses the most appropriate marketing options based on time, budget and resources.

Take full control of the whole process. Allow enough time to do the best job (between 3 and 6 months should see you right), and monitor progress on all fronts weekly.

Ready to invest your time and energy into mastering your product launch?

I’ve boiled my decades of big brand launch experience into my Launch Workbooks. The  3-2-1 Launch, Customer Avatar and Emotional Language workbooks will help you get clear on your mission and add some parameters around your customer targeting and the language you need to use when marketing to them.

My Launch planner spreadsheet will help you pull together a marketing budget and offer a ‘gant chart-style’ progress monitoring facility – so you can keep tabs on everything you have going on in your launch mission.

The act of getting everything out of your head and into these workbooks and my planner will give you a healthy sense of perspective on your launch project and minimise the risk of things going awry as you deliver your most successful launch to date.

Get all everything you need to organise your product launch with the S4TM Launch Bundle for just £129.99

Your launch plans - audited.

You’ve got everything mapped out on paper, online, in a spreadsheet (or maybe in some helpful workbooks from Shoot 4 The Moon): what would you say to a 2 hour Zoom session where you run your whole launch plan past someone with years of experience advising CEOs, CMOs and brands on how to do this? 

Together we can consider your initiatives, confirm the strengths, politely challenge the weaker points and consider what might be missing. It will give you the confidence to proceed with your next launch knowing an objective third-party has reviewed, approved and made a few tweaks to help you make the most of your project.

If it sounds like my one-to-one Launch Audit session is for you, it costs £498 (£415 ex VAT), and you can secure a session by clicking the button below.

One more thing, my new course: Product Launch Mastery (Coming very soon)

I am currently putting the finishing touches to my 3 month Product Launch Mastery course, where I expand on my 5 pillars of launch marketing with accompanying workbooks and expanded video content.

The course is for anyone who wants to reach a professional level of launch marketing expertise – that’s Business owners, freelancers, consultants or marketing team members looking to either learn the ropes or upskill and build on your current launch experience.

I’ll be sharing the knowledge I have acquired working with CEOs, CMOs and brands and advising on how you can apply these different tips, techniques and processes to your product launch.

There will also be a Slack channel for you and your cohort to discuss and share your progress through the course, and have conversations with me when you need.

Register below to be first in the queue when I launch my course.

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