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Your results are in and congratulations you’re a Launch Apprentice

It’s your time to create a consistent compelling message that ‘skyrockets’ the visibility of your business and gets you the results you are on the cusp of achieving.

Tim Healey Shoot 4 The Moon

What does it mean to be a Launch Apprentice?

As an award winning consultant with decades of experience creating stellar launches for the likes of Google and Youtube I can say with some certainty that there are some really exciting times ahead for you and your business when you nail this launch thing.

The first step was realising that a great product launch is the key to the business success you’re craving.

Taking action, trying things out and communicating with your audience come really naturally to you. Now it’s time to really define what you are offering and your messaging so that you can create solid foundations for a truly scalable business.

Your Launch Strengths


Nothing is going to get between you and the success you know you are capable of. You’ve clearly defined your business vision and mission and know what you need to focus on next to up the launch ante.


You are all in when it comes to mastering launching in your business. You know that this year is your year to take your business to the next level and you are excited and ready to work as hard as you need to achieve this.


You are curious about different strategies and love trying new things in your business to see how your audience responds. You get a thrill from experimenting until you find the winning formula for you and your customers.

BUT (there’s always a but, isn’t there?)

You definitely do not feel quite launch ready (yet!)

You’ve tried some ‘soft launches’ before but it was a tad uncoordinated and a little messy. 

You’re feeling frustrated that you can’t pull everything together and have the launch your product deserves.

You’re beginning to worry that you might be drowning in a sea of ‘to do lists’ and marketing ideas.

You know there must be a better and less stressful way to tackle your launch.

It’s time to apply process and a good plan.

Ready to get your launch 'firing on all cylinders'?

It boils down to my tried, tested and proven signature launch methodology - my 5 pillars of marketing:

1. Set realistic goals

Getting clear on your mission and strategic goals.

2. Target your customers

Define your message, audience and what you are selling.

3. Review your marketing

Review potential marketing channels and choose the best channels based on time, budget and resources.

4. Timeline and planning

Layout clear timeline for launch delivery and map out resources and supplier requirements.

5. Post launch communications

Make sure you are set up to continue marketing once you have launched.

With due diligence around your pillars - you will optimise your launch

Check out your Launch Apprentice Action Plan

Tim Healey Launch Academy

1. Get clear on your product and customers

Clearly define the products you want to offer, and understand why your customers will need and benefit from them. When your customers or clients first approach you - how are they feeling? What do they need? Your product should be the solution to a precise problem that they are facing.

2. Clarify your messaging

Launching with a consistent message across all your marketing channels is a sure fire way to amplify the results of your launch. Wherever your audience hears about you, your offerings and your launch, they need to see the same language, imagery and messaging. To start this off, think about how you can best describe your product. I use this formula with my clients: My product helps (insert the person), so that they can (insert the transformation their desire), without (insert the thing they are worried about)

3. Decide on your marketing channels

You don’t need to be in all the places all the time, that’s a clear path to inconsistency or worse. Consider the analytics for your current marketing channels - email, social media, YouTube... Which channel do you get the most engagement on? Which one feels most aligned to you and your voice?

Wondering who is behind this strategic launch action plan?

I'm Tim

My portfolio career has taken me from being a musician for 20 years to advertising via the entertainment industry, digital think tanks, new business, hospitality, music technology, festival promotion and the sustainable sector.

In my role as a Creative Director I’ve worked closely with Google Creative Labs and digital think tanks for YouTube on a number of award winning projects. 

I quickly learned that my specialism is launch marketing: understanding business goals and making them a reality. I use a combination of established processes and creative solutions to support entrepreneurs like you, CEOs and MDs on launch strategy, planning, supplier selection and management as well as on going support and implementation.

My ‘happy place’ is getting under the skin of my clients’ business, sharing their goals and challenges and then through a creative lens, helping them to implement the necessary changes that will propel their product launch forward

Your quick fire launch checklist

(4 things to check off your list for a goal-smashing launch)

Clearly identify and research your ideal clients.

Who are they? what drives them? what worries them? what do they really want in life?

Use the right language to connect and communicate with them.

Are you using words that they use? Are you reflecting your personality in your copy?

Carry out a comprehensive marketing review.

Look at your current marketing channels and the associated analytics. What is giving you the biggest return on investment (time and/or financial)? Which channel matches your ideal client demographics? Which channel aligns with your launch ideas?

Create an all knowing 'Jedi' Launch Plan.

Include all deliverables, dates, any resource requirements and anything else that is relevant

Are you ready to invest your time and energy into mastering your product launch?

I’ve boiled my decades of big brand launch experience into a 3-2-1 Launch Workbook 

This 9 page workbook will help you better understand how to simplify your launch plans. Specifically what you are doing, when, and why you are doing it. 

The act of getting everything out of your head and into a plan will give you a healthy sense of perspective on your launch project.

Get your copy of my 3-2-1 Launch Workbook Now for just £24.99

One more thing, my new course: Product Launch Mastery (Coming very soon)

I am currently putting the finishing touches to my 8 week / 8 module Product Launch Mastery course, where I expand on my 5 pillars of launch marketing with accompanying workbooks and expanded video content.

The course is for anyone who wants to reach a professional level of launch marketing expertise – that’s Business owners, freelancers, consultants or marketing team members looking to either learn the ropes or upskill and build on your current launch experience.

I’ll be sharing the knowledge I have acquired working with CEOs, CMOs and brands and advising on how you can apply these different tips, techniques and processes to your product launch.

There will also be a Slack channel for you and your cohort to discuss and share your progress through the course, and have conversations with me when you need.

Register below to be first in the queue when I launch my course.

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