The 1/2 day deep dive workshop is perfect for kicking off proceedings with new clients: here I learn about your product launch goals and aspirations.


We'll look at your competitors, and identify your challenges and consider what is truly unique about you, your products or service and the value you offer.


There are processes, methods and my network of contacts to draw on to get your product launch where you want it to be: from planning to delivery and implementation. 


The workshop allows us to assemble a report and action plan to help you overcome your obstacles to success. 

£1500+ VAT



  • Get clarity and focus: establish your hot priorities, goals and challenges

  • Explore opportunities to maximise your product's value to your customers and clients

  • Assemble route map to achieve your goals

  • Website audit

  • 2 hr strategy session

  • ​Cost £415 + VAT


  • Collaborate on your launch to increase revenue and win new customers and clients with renewed focus, drive, creative business solutions and processes

  • Informed by the deep dive workshop we will assemble a bespoke programme tailored to your business needs

  • Typical launch action plans include: methods to leverage your value and your industry position; customer profiling; delivering targeted marketing that resonates with your audience; omni-channel communications review, pricing review, lead generation and conversion strategy.

  • Weekly Zoom meeting catch up for up to 30 mins

  • From £4000 + VAT​


  • Embedded within your team we plan and execute processes to increase revenue and win new customers or clients, working one day per week from your office

  • Informed by the deep dive workshop, we plan and implement a comprehensive suite of exercises to optimise your product launch:

    • Industry positioning

    • Value

    • Marketing review

    • Market research

    • Pricing review

    • Sales funnels

    • Lead generation strategy

    • Lead conversion strategy

    • Creative campaigns

    • CRM implementation

    • PPC campaigns

    • Mission and vision

  • Weekly Zoom meeting for up to 60 mins

  • From £8500 + VAT​

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“Tim really understood my AiQ-Synertial motion capture suit business and my Animalive real-time animation product and helped us plan and shape all messaging and films for our website launches and initial email campaign templates.”  

Ali Kord, Founder, AiQ-Synertial


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“In the 6 months that Tim worked with us, he really got our business and worked with our team to win us new clients. His attention to detail on our client proposals proved invaluable”.

Richard Rutter, MD, Clearleft


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“Working with Shoot 4 the moon helped me to expand my services and fully appreciate their commercial application and value. I have applied Tim's advice to my business, website and lifestyle giving them all refreshing and well needed lift.”

Shaun Hunter, Owner, Event 7 



I'd be delighted to schedule a Zoom meeting and learn more about your business, goals and challenges in a non-committal free 30 minute1:1 session