The very happiest startups

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

It's 7am on Saturday, I'm in a field near Battle, Hastings, there's a light mist, the dappled-sunlight cuts through the trees and a handful of headphone-clad people, some still in pyjamas, are grooving to Primal Scream's 'Loaded'. It's the pre-breakfast silent disco rave at Happy Startup Summer Camp: day 2 has already begun.

The Happy Startup School caters for the new breed of entrepreneur: one that wants to do good, make money and be happy. Focussing on the science of happiness and entrepreneurship through their online platform and a series of off-grid experiences, Happy Startup School's diverse community of changemakers includes budding entrepreneurs, startup founders, social entrepreneurs, creatives, practitioners and leaders from across the world.

Last weekend, for 3 days in the gorgeous late summer sun, founders Laurence McCahill and Dr. Carlos Saba brought their members together for talks, workshops and activities for the 7th time. Alongside inspirational and informative keynote lectures and the delightful food, my personal highlights included insightful workshops on personal growth and non-violent communication.

The sauna, hot tub and wild-swimming resonated, as did the 5.45am forest walk to the local lake. Saturday night's entertainment - Blingo Bingo - was frankly 'next level'. Hip-hop bingo - yes, believe it: presented by 2 'OAPs from New York', classic bingo is brought to life by using any excuse to drop classic hip-hop and r'n'b tunes, flanked by stunningly tacky prizes - imagine my frustration at failing to win the bingo premium prize: 'Kanye West's "all gold" toilet seat'.

I left having learned and made new friends. Early-bird tickets for the 2020 camp go on sale imminently via their site.

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