The power of positive praise: team morale boosting #winning

We should never forget the power of positive praise - especially in times of uncertainty like these.

In 1992, psychologist John Gottman had 15 minute conversations with newly married couples.

He established the five-to-one principle. Where there were five positive comments for every negative comment, marriages generally avoided divorce. With 94 % accuracy he predicted that less positivity or more negativity ended in divorce.

What can you do today to encourage and praise those who work with you to make them feel more valued? Weekly check-ins with team members that involve a compliment and/or praise about their work (where appropriate) can work wonders for team morale.

How will you share these positive messages with your colleagues and team members? There’s a formula to keep things varied: consider these words: spoken / written / public / private / expected / unexpected / professional / personal.

Take any four of these and allow them to guide your compliment’s format when you next are due to give some praise. A hand written note, a mention in a team meeting, some compliments on their personal achievements, a surprise gift...

Try to do this once a week for each team member - keep a checklist to ensure sure you don’t miss anyone out.

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