Setting dials for the sun

Automation. Data. CX. Workflow. The business buzz words of 2020. Many of us already have some level of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or email automation in place while others are carefully considering how to move forward into the space.

Enter Lindsey Pickles and her consultancy company Bright Dials. The concept for Bright Dials was born while Lindsey was freelancing 4 years ago. She started to win clients and went full time. 

Lindsey's mission is to give clients the tools and confidence to use their data more effectively and run streamlined CRM and marketing automation systems.

Lindsey doesn't just provide the solutions, she's there for the long haul: from on-boarding and training through to ongoing marketing support - being available to answer questions, provide training or implement marketing campaigns to ensure success.

Alongside her premium e-consultancy, Lindsey remembers that once she became a Mum it was hard to find a job at the right level - one that was flexible, part-time, remote and at the right remuneration. Through her agency, she wants to 'pay it forward'. She's actively seeking new recruits (Mums or Dads with flexi/part-time needs) - and invites anyone 'who loves data and a spreadsheet like we do' to drop her a line.

Lindsey will be unpacking smart CRM and automation as VIP guest at my Pocket Business School on April 2.

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