Rapidmooc: video making just got a whole lotta love

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

In this time-poor, attention deficit society we live in, using professional video content is essential when connecting with your audience. As the standard of video content continues to improve, a home-made film captured with poor lighting and audio may be doing your product or service more harm than good.

Step forward Christopher Weeks and Alastair Byrne. Their firm Bounce Technologies helps companies turn their digital ideas into reality, while also designing their own products and bringing them to market. One of their partner clients, Rapidmooc offer the ultimate green screen video solution, and Chris and Alastair can hook you up.

With Rapidmooc, you can have the image, presentation or film of your choice behind you as you present. With autocue available and HD camera capturing it all, it's no surprise that big corporations with extensive video content needs are snapping these units (pictured) up.

At £22,500 each, that may be out of reach of your average entrepreneur or startup, but with 2 hours in their London studio available from £600, or a full day from £1800 (all + VAT), the Brighton-based duo are offering video production solutions for affordable prices, and the results speak for themselves: your video content can now get the upgrade it deserves.

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