Marketing is such a dirty word

So many of us hate marketing.

We don’t like being marketed at - bad adverts, spam emails, junk mail.

And people in marketing - they’re often like snake oil salesmen - promising the seemingly impossible for big bucks and then failing to deliver.

But if you own your own business you need to learn to love marketing, and to keep it foremost in your mind as you grow your client or customer base.

As you grow your company marketing is crucial to ensure a steady flow of inbound business - but it can easily be neglected as you tend to the needs of your business in the day-to-day.

When I start working with clients I run a deep dive workshop where we explore:

* mission and vision

* unique human qualities

* competitors

* products or services

* target customers

* language you can use to build trust

* omni-channel marketing opportunities

Then I give my clients a report with their summary, immediate actions and a record of the workshop discussion.

... and if you're seeking funding for better marketing - that's something we'll explore too.

The workshop and report provide a super-solid strategic foundation ahead of any marketing campaign.

If you'd like a second opinion, please ask my clients.

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