From burn out to brilliant

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Cat Duval's a wellbeing coach on a mission to fly in the face of the intense political and climate crisis and put the joy of our lives firmly back into our own hands.

Her 4 Pillars course promises to breakthrough burnout and tap into your brilliance in 4 strides, offering practical tools to transform isolation and anxiety into balance and freedom. 

She believes that by freeing up your time to do things you love with the people who love you, past traumas will fade away. Her course will help you to focus on the now and bring richness to your relationships allowing you to get really comfortable with who you genuinely are, tapping into your true potential.

In 2020 she is offering 12 week courses on a 1:1 or group sessions basis. She also has 8 day retreats planned in the spectacular Andalusian mountains in Spain. For readers of this blog, she if offering a chunky 10% discount should you go ahead with her courses, using the code GIFTOFPRESENCE.

To book a chat with Cat, click here. Want to know more abut Cat? Check out her website here:

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