Free business support: Covid-19 special

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

What crazy times we all live in. Never has there been a greater driver for us to come together to show support for our colleagues, friends, family, loved ones and those in need. I've reached out to my network and these fabulous and very generous people are all offering their services for free. All told, these offers amount to thousands of pounds worth of work: between us we are offering free business strategy, social media strategy, PR/Press, SEO and personal development. Everything here is gratis - no charge - donated to help business owners overcome challenges as a result of the current economic climate. Huge thanks to Kerry, Kat, Adam and Sal for getting this ready so fast. There will be more offers coming in - but this is what we rustled up this week. Feel free to share far and wide - with anyone you feel may benefit. Stay strong people. One love.


1:1 FREE ONLINE BUSINESS STRATEGY SESSIONS Tim Healey Shoot 4 The Moon I'm offering 1:1 online sessions for business owners. I can't promise to provide immediate solutions, but I can promise that talking through your most immediate challenges with a sympathetic, supportive and objective third party can help to gain a sense of perspective and map out your business options. Together we can explore and consider possibilities for your business as you navigate these choppy waters. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Kerry Watkins Social Brighton Kerry's team are on standby with free advice for business owners who are unsure of how to use social media during this time or not sure what they should be sharing: maybe you need advice on your forthcoming campaign or how best to promote how you have adapted your business. Email Kerry with your phone number via and one of her team or Kerry herself will give you a call as soon as they can.

FREE PRESS RELEASES AND COPYWRITING Kat Bailey The Mother Lode PR veteran Kat, owner of The Mother Lode PR agency is offering free assistance with essential press releases and copywriting. If you need to refine your messaging and get coverage, then Kat is your go-to press hack. Just reach out with what you need, and she'll get back to you. 10 FREE SEO AUDITS Adam Bastock SEO wizard Adam is donating 10 FREE actionable SEO Audits recorded on video for local retailers who are setting up eCommerce stores in response to lack of footfall, struggling eCommerce stores seeing a drop in demand. He will walk you through your website and highlight changes you can make to get more traffic. A great offer for those who really need to optimise their websites. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING WORK TEAM GROUP COACHING Sal Jefferies Last but very definitely not least, Sal Jeffries is offering premium 1:1 coaching via Zoom for the next month (no fee) about any issue you need support with and also corporate and group coaching for businesses that are wanting to help their staff from with the challenges of stress, remote working and isolation in a group video call. Contact him directly to arrange.


Thursday 2 April 2020 - we've moved my free Pocket Business School online this month for obvious reasons. Register here (did I mention it's free) and I'll kick out a Zoom meeting invite at the start of April so that you can attend our online webinar. Our VIP guest is Lindsey from Bright Dials, and she'll be explaining how marketing automaton and cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) can revolutionise your business. In this age when many of us will need to entertain leaner versions of our current operations, this is a hugely timely session. 7 tickets left at time of typing.

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