Chomping at the Meaningbit

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Matthew Bellringer of Meaningbit

Matthew Bellringer believes that finding novel ways to meet real need is vital to our collective wellbeing. Which is why he runs Meaningbit. First he helps people and organisations find the work that resonates with them and that they truly love. Then he helps them turn that work into a business or a career.

Using positive psychology, play, and embodied techniques Matthew enables people to connect with their intuition and explore possibilities. Once these foundations are laid, he uses lean and agile methods to help turn them into thriving businesses.

As Matthew's mission is to empower as many people as possible to help others grow and transform, he launched People Developing People , a community of professionals doing transformational work. Members are therapists, coaches, trainers, yoga teachers and other helping practices and others interested in doing more helping work themselves.

His meetups in London and Brighton are well attended (I was at the last one - it was supremely informative) - they're informal gatherings where practitioners can meet, get support, co-mentoring and co-supervision. If you're in the transformation business you may wish to get involved. See you there.

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