Book Review: Crossing The Chasm - Geoffrey A Moore <I read it so you don’t have to>

30 years old, but the advice is gold.

Here’s ‘the skinny’:

When launching new products or services - especially tech-based solutions - there is an adoption life-cycle. This can be broken into the following stages:


Early Adopters

Early Majority

Late Majority


Only (see diagram) there are gaping chasms between the stages, and transitioning between early adopters and Early Majority can make or break companies.

Techniques to cross the chasm include:

Focussing on precise and often very narrow market segment and gaining the dominant market share there is the most effective way to cross the chasm.

I like to think of this as creating super-fans. Identify your chosen audience segment and prove to them how invaluable you are.

Ensure they leave their engagement with you with the best and most professional impression so that they will champion you and your company.

Word-of-mouth recommendations carry so much weight. Nurturing your die-hard, self-appointed ambassadors will ensure a steady flow of new business.

In summary: target a narrow market segment and make sure you go beyond the call of duty for your customers so they rate your service and recommend you.

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