Learning to love your superfans

I’ve become slightly obsessed with the concept of superfans. By superfans I mean people so passionate about your products and/or service that they do your selling for you – evangelising and recommending you to others. If you have identified superfans – then they should be cherished, and treated like your nearest and dearest. What can you do for them that goes beyond the call of duty? How can you reward their passionate support – discounts? Advance offers? How can you make them feel exclusive, valued, special? Can you involve them in your initiatives? Can you award a prize to the best instagram image post that is hash-tagged with your company or product name? Can they be rewarded for a referral? Better still – will they participate in market research to help you validate your new marketing mission – or even shoot video of themselves in praise of you and your service so that you can use on their film on your website as a testimonial or as part of a new promotional film? Cherish your superfans and keep them close.