Email marketing love: the laser focus of optimised CRM

Email marketing certainly isn’t dead. Customer Relationship Management systems have become infinitely smarter, allowing you to send out carefully curated emails that respond to the behaviour of your customers.

Getting your CRM system optimised so that you reap the benefits of highly targeted marketing emails to your segmented customer base should be the foundation of any company’s marketing plan.

Kate Barrett, renowned email marketing expert and author of the book ‘E-telligence – Email marketing isn’t dead, the way you’re using it is’, founded ,,eFocus Marketing in 2012. Her expert digital consultants provide an extension to in-house marketing teams to help companies save time and increase revenue.

“We help businesses around the world implement more customer focussed and intelligent email marketing. We aren’t generalists – our sole focus and passion is email marketing,” says Kate, “We’re experts in a whole host of email software solutions, and we take great pride in recommending the right platform for your business, based on a thorough evaluation of your requirements. Just like an in-house department, we will be there to answer your questions, give advice, support and help you take your email marketing strategy and campaigns to the next level”.

With a slew of global clients, having masterminded effective campaigns to audiences of millions, 2021 is looking rosy for Kate and her team.