Definitely Worth Your While

With an agenda to make great creative communications affordable to even modestly-sized companies, and with their focus on super-memorable messaging, Copenhagen’s Worth your While craft campaigns that you will tell your friends about.

Working with purpose-driven businesses and across all media – from film and display advertising to social media initiatives, Worth Your While offer a completely transparent model, where all costs are shown up front, and you can buy as much (or as little) ideation as you need. This year they launched their subscription service, where for a monthly fee, you have their creativity on tap.

WYW look for insights that enable real, tangible engagement that resonates with target audiences.Their decision to put Donald Trump on the side of a bus, and let the wheels be ‘googly eyes’ made it on to the world news stage and even got them a mention on BBC’s ‘Have I Got News For You’, as part of a campaign run by the Danish Socialist party to encourage Americans abroad to vote in their forthcoming presidential election.

For legal reasons they had to create Trumps face using photos of three elderly men and the image of a cocker spaniel to create his hair.

“We’ve done this for many years, and we don’t just do the normal TV ad. We might make a special one. But we don’t know until we’ve figured out the thing that will make people talk about your brand. To figure that out, you don’t need a Godzilla-sized agency full of resources you never use (but pay for). You need the right people to crack it and then you need some BFF’s to help make it”, says Creative Director, Thomas Ilum.