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Get clarity


your business

How will your business increase recurring revenue and customer base in a post Covid-19 world?


The world has irreversibly changed, and businesses are evolving in response. Working harder at your old business model may no longer be enough to maintain or increase your market share.


It’s time to future-proof operations and become more robust.


Working with a specialist in business development and marketing will help to remove the blocks to success. Partnering up with your own dynamic collaborator - someone who has ‘got your back’ - will get you the support, advice and clarity to help your business soar.


strategy package:

£600 + VAT

  • 3 hour 1-2-1 Zoom online strategy session with follow up call

  • 5 x 30 minute strategy exercises 

  • Map out your realistic goals, challenges and hot priorities

  • Evaluate the best course of action for your business 

  • Review your marketing and communications strategy

  • Summary document and strategic route map