10 ways SMEs can really make their marketing work

SMEs - ways to make your marketing work

Do you ever wonder how smaller businesses can possibly compete against global behemoths?  As you’ll know, if you have been reading my articles, I use the 10 pillars of marketing framework as my bedrock, as I passionately believe it can be applied to any business. However, there are some marketing options – both strategic and […]

5 ways to optimise your email and social media marketing

There’s a process when I review a clients marketing.  First I meet the stakeholders, then there is customer research, followed by strategy:  We segment, we target and then get crystal clear on product positioning before setting clear measurable objectives.  As the final part of my communications review for a global business-to-business client, I invited my […]

Why I Decided To Write A Book

BBOP book

With my book launch date now looming, you may well be wondering how I got here: what gives me any authority to write about ethical business? In this post I break it down into 3 bite-sized chunks: – A whistle-stop tour of my career to date. – How I ended up working with my esteemed co-authors. – Why I […]

The Metaverse – Matthew Ball (Liveright 2022)

The Metaverse Matthew Ball

I’ve had early-stage meetings with prospective clients who have introduced me to their new virtual business project, geared towards a metaverse-like world, and I have found it hard to ascertain whether theirs is a ‘pipe-dream’ or a ‘near-reality’ – and felt under-qualified to offer an opinion on how to best market their concept. I have […]

Before You Start: 10 Ways To Evaluate Your Potential Business’ Success

10 Ways To Evaluate Your Potential Business’ Success

Perhaps surprisingly, I became obsessed with systems and process and careful planning when I used to tour as a DJ, run record labels and manage artists.  As a performer, you needed to take risks, but they were always calculated and based on research. Ahead of a performance, loads of preparation went into sets. When performing, […]

Words That Work – Val Wright

S4TM val wright

In her easily digestible short book published this year, Val Wright, innovation and leadership consultant for LinkedIn, Starbucks, Microsoft et al, unpacks the strategies, tools and language of CEOs who know how to say ‘the right thing, at the right time’, and calls on business leaders to challenge traditional means of communication. This super-helpful book […]

5 ways to optimise your Brand Marketing

Hannibal strategy S4TM

Brand management and brand communications are typically misunderstood by most businesses. Here are 5 key pointers to consider as you make your brand communication plans. 1. Market Orientation It’s a common error, and and easy habit to fall into. When we work within a business, we ‘assume’ lots of things. We assume that our customers […]