The CEO Whisperer: Vivid Vision – Cameron Herald

A genuinely remarkable tool to gather your aspirational business thoughts, unfettered by what might block or restrict your vision. Known as “The CEO Whisperer”, Cameron Herald’s simple process is astonishingly empowering. In short: get away from your home or workplace. Go somewhere inspirational (log cabin in a remote forest is a ‘yes’, the local coffeeshop […]

The Future Starts Here: An Optimistic Guide To What Comes Next – John Higgs

  At what point did the future stop being shiny and bright – full of hoverboards and flying cars? When did it become the dark dysfunctional and dystopian future we now recognise from countless science fiction films and dramas like Charlie Brooker’s brilliant ‘Black Mirror’ series on Netflix? Author John Higgs feels passionately that our […]

Traction by Gino Wickman

Gino’s super-informative book is a mandatory read for any founder of a growing company: identify and attend to these core components and you should optimise operations and facilitate business success. The book comes accompanied by (free) online worksheets. The core components: Vision: Is everyone in your team rowing the same direction, different directions or are […]