about ME

My portfolio career has taken me from the entertainment industry to advertising, via digital think tanks, new business, hospitality and the sustainable sector.


Having graduated with a degree Theology from Durham University, I secured an MA in Journalism at Goldsmiths, London. 

It was then that my music career took off, and sustained me for the next 20 years - during which time I toured as a performer, ran my own recording studio and managed my own record labels and artist roster.


In my 40s, I flipped my career securing work as a freelance Creative Director at a series of advertising agencies, working closely with Google Creative Labs and digital think tanks for YouTube on a number of projects.

I then decided to launch my own restaurant in the independent trader haven that is the North Laine in Brighton. I sold 'Kooks' 2 years later and it continues to trade successfully.


It was at this point I realised my true strength was understanding business goals and making them a reality, using a combination of established processes and creative solutions. I began to specialise in creative business transformation: strategy, planning, on going support and implementation.

Working with the UK's leading UX agency, I honed my skills in lead generation, and I began to focus on working with digital agency owners and tech startups as I really understood the space, before focusing on purpose-led businesses and especially those on the sustainable sector. I have been delighted to be working here ever since.

Sometimes business owners can feel snowed-under, and distracted by day-to-day trouble-shooting. They neglect the adjustments that need to be made to operations or they never embark on the marketing initiatives that will ultimately get their company in front of more people.

My 'happy place' is getting under the skin of my clients' business, sharing their goals and challenges and then through a creative lens, helping them to implement the necessary changes that will propel their companies forward. 

It is my belief that if you are driven, run an impactful business, provide a thoroughly professional service and keep people, planet and prosperity in balance - then you and your business will win great customers and clients, and your business will be successful. 


Working together we will explore all the ways to get your business firing on all cylinders. I am an optimist but also a realist. Some changes are 'quick wins', some are more 'long tail' - but once attended to, your business will be better and - more importantly - running it will be more fun. 

I share these next facts to illustrate that when I talk about business I do so from actual experience. 

In the past few years I have:

  • Helped entrepreneurs, SMEs and startups to achieve their goals: typically by increasing recurring revenues and customer bases

  • Launched and sold my own successful restaurant

  • Won a client new business worth in excess of £500,000

  • Helped to secure £500,000 investment for a client

  • Engineered a business proposal win of £120,000 for a client with a leading global bank

  • Overseen major re-brands and website redesigns

  • Implemented CRM systems to optimise email marketing

  • Executed PR campaigns and audience engagement initiatives that have driven up sales exponentially

  • Held position as partner advisor with a leading UK consultancy who endorse visa applications for international businessmen seeking to invest in businesses in the UK

  • Delivered marketing solutions for clients as diverse as M&S, Disney and BMW while working for global ad agencies

  • Supplied creative solutions for Google Creative Labs and YouTube including smart device games and The Web Lab exhibition at The Science Museum, London

  • As a DJ/producer: toured the world from San Francisco to Tokyo, ran record labels, a recording studio and managed artists; directed 1m view music videos, secured top 30 hits in the UK and supplied music for a series of HBO shows and adverts

  • Helped to set up and launch Brighton and Hove's buzziest coworking space: PLATF9RM