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The launch your product deserves


Board-level advice and support for your product launch

From launch plan audits and strategy sessions to embedding with your team for a number of months. We’ll work out how I can best assist.

I'm Tim Healey

I work directly with CEOs, MDs and CMOs as an outsourced non-executive Marketing Director, offering objective, external, apolitical board-level advice and support to ensure that your marketing and product launch missions are optimised.

Drawing on my award-winning, global experience and entrepreneurial mindset, we’ll work together to plan and deliver the omni-channel campaign that most befits your product and brand.

Get absolute clarity on your launch strategy, planning, targeting and communications

My New book

Better Business on Purpose

Aimed squarely at forward-thinking business leaders, my new book co-written with Nikki Gatenby and Neil Witten is almost ready. Be among the first invited to read early release chapters, and pre-order your copy.

Launch stories & Inspiration

Recently on my blog

The Return of an Icon: How I helped to re-launch Rhodes and the new MK8 piano.

To say that being appointed as ‘outsourced marketing director’ to curate the re-launch of the legacy brand, Rhodes, was ‘an honour’ is an understatement.

Audit Your Product Launch Plans Shoot 4 The Moon Ltd Tim Healey


Let's audit your launch plan

If you’d like a second opinion on and/or validate how you intend to launch your product, this 2 hour session is for you. We’ll go through your plan, identify any holes and consider how to optimise.

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