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Marketing Support

As head of marketing for a big brand – or as an owner or managing director of a smaller business you are inevitably time-poor: barely able to spare a few minutes each week on each of the vital projects that you are over-seeing. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Imagine that you’ve got more time in the day to do the things that really need your attention. Imagine that your brand and product marketing is the most effective within your industry.

Imagine that your team have absolute clarity around your marketing strategy and tactical delivery, and are excited to engage with your chosen initiatives.

I'm Tim Healey

Working directly with CEOs, MDs, CMOs and their key team members as a Marketing Director and Brand Manager, I provide objective, apolitical board-level advice and support to ensure that marketing is optimised and businesses scale.

Drawing on academic theory, industry best practice and my own global experience – we’ll collaborate to diagnose, plan and deliver marketing that maximises opportunity and minimises risk.

Board-level marketing advice and implementation

My New book

#1 Best Seller:
Better Business on Purpose

Furnish yourself with a copy of my new book and #1 Best Seller (Amazon), aimed squarely at forward-thinking business leaders. Download the Pqualizer – our system for evaluating your business’ performance, and start planning how you can make money, create impact and be a force for good.

Launch stories & Inspiration

Recently on my blog

The Return of an Icon: How I helped to re-launch Rhodes and the new MK8 piano

To say that being appointed as ‘outsourced marketing director’ to curate the re-launch of the legacy brand, Rhodes, was ‘an honour’ is an understatement.

Audit Your Product Launch Plans Shoot 4 The Moon Ltd Tim Healey


Strategic marketing trouble-shoot

In this 1 hour Zoom session, we discuss the process around a strategic approach to marketing. We explore ‘the 10 pillars’ framework and consider where your current operations may need the most support. You leave the session ready to implement the necessary changes to optimise your marketing.

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Get my product launch marketing tips and news of my latest workbooks, courses and events delivered straight to your inbox.